Blame the west - everyone's doing it

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  1. About riots in China. The government accused a Uighur businesswoman living in the U.S. of inciting the riots through phone calls and "propaganda" spread on Web sites.

    Isn't that what Iran said? The clerics steal the election and clamp down on protests, and then blame Europe and the USA for stirring it up. Somehow, these leaders aren't listening to their other clerics, who said the people were robbed of a fair election.

    Isn't that what North Korea said? They need nuclear weapons and rocket launchings Isn't this the govt that has been starving millions of its own people to support the "Dear Leader's" military?
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    IIRC, it's in Chapter Four: WTF to do when it all goes to shit in Dictatorship for Dummies. It can basically be summarized to "Blame the United States for everything."

    To be honest, they probably lifted the entire chapter from the DNC playbook.
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    "Blame the west - everyone's doing it"

    Not to worry, our POTUS is bound to do another world wide apology tour any time now.

    All will be forgiven.
  4. Thats what is he doing in Russia right now.