Blame is Not a Platform

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  1. One of the core tenants of the Obama Administration’s 2012 platform is that Obama and Biden inherited a messy economy.

    Time and again, the American people are told that the reason things haven’t gotten better is because the Obama administration inherited such a disaster that it was impossibly to fix it quickly.

    This attempt to shift the blame elsewhere is not only immature, it isn’t constructive in anyway. In fact, it reveals in stark contrast just how the Obama administration views the world.

    First off, Obama and Biden ran for the job of managing the US economy in 2008. This is literally the JOB they APPLIED FOR. No one forced them to do it.

    By whining about how bad it was when they GOT the job, they’re effectively implying that they would only want to be in charge if things were good.

    This is leadership?

    On top of this, by blaming someone else for state of the US economy in 2009, the Obama administration reveals point blank that it surrounded itself with people who didn’t foresee the Crisis coming.

    The fact of the matter is that quite a few economists and analysts foresaw the 2008 debacle as far back as the very beginning of 2008. If the Obama administration chose to surround themselves with those that didn’t, that speaks to administration’s inability to gauge its advisors appropriately.

    Indeed, lest anyone forget, it was Obama who RE-appointed Ben Bernanke as Fed Chairman despite the clear evidence that Bernanke FAILED to see the Crisis coming and gave TRILLIONS of Dollars of taxpayer money away to the banks.

    Obama did this. Not Bush, not anyone else. Obama. End of story.

    Thus we see the Obama administration's underlying beliefs regarding personal responsibility and leadership. It is:

    1.Unable to gauge quality advisors who not only foresee trouble but have actual solutions on how to deal with problems as they arise.
    2.Only wanting to take responsibility for good things/ unable to admit mistakes/ unable to be leaders who accept the job they ran for.

    Real leaders don’t WHINE about their jobs. They don’t blame others for their mistakes. And they surround themselves with quality advisors to help them in making decisions.

    Blame is not a platform. Blame is not leadership. Blame doesn’t create jobs. And it certainly doesn’t improve anyone’s quality of life.

    End of story.

    Graham Summers
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    Obama hasn't taken responsibility for anything his entire life. But then he's never built anything or fixed any problem. His entire life has been one of taking and advocating others take, too. He's been representative of the problem with society.
  3. Presidents have limited influence over the economy. The fact is Obama and Biden did inherit a sick economy following a financial crisis. Americans are still delevering and are expected to do so another 5-6 years and this will lead to tepid growth at best, regardless of the occupant of the White House. If Romney wins, a sense of hope will fill the ranks of his supporters. But those business owners are going to hit the leather until rising demand returns. And again, that demand won't return until 5-6 years. Had McCain won, the economy would not look much different at all today. Demographics, globalization, technology, commodity prices, and business cycles, are the predominant influences in an economy.

    Don't blather to me about regulations from Washington
    choking the economy. That's a canard. State and local regulations are far more burdensome to businesses. Try opening a new restaurant for example: Fire codes compliance, liquor license, zoning compliance, parking space compliance, workman's compensation, unemployment insurance, business property insurance, health code compliance, sales tax collection, garbage disposal, etc. All state and local. That dwarfs whatever comes out of Washington.

    Bernanke's actions of taking the junk mortgage bonds off the hands of the banks might rankle you, but it helps shore up the banks. Healthy banks, despite some pernicious individual bankers within them, are essential to the economy.

    Blame is not a platform. But neither is disinformation.
  4. Presidents have limited influence over the economy.

    Had McCain won, the economy would not look much different at all today.


    We wouldn't have wasted a year and a half on Obamcare foregoing any action on financial crisis.

    Also, mcCain is somewhat familiar with WS - Obama's understanding of WS is limited to "fat cat".

    Obama's 1st year platform:

    Fat cat


    Eat your beans
  5. The Congress and the President put into a place an 800 billion stimulus package in 2009.

    Your posts are trivial. Learn something, bitch.
  6. Right and democrats complained it was ... "TOO NIGGARDLY"

    (learn something yourself bitch)
  7. lmao...:D

    Thi is trvial ?

    Fat cat


    Eat your beans

    These are obama's words on prime time.

    As far as 8b, ineffective, needed follow through.

    Learn something.....:cool:

    Way too late for that. time for a new prez....
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    Blame Is Not The Only Thing These Guys Are Doing

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    Someone (Else) Has To Get This Right

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    So if blame is not a platform, is Romney going to give up blaming Obama for the past four years?
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