Blame Game Begins: Fingers Being Pointed @ A.B Culvahouse for Palin 'Vetting' Process

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  1. I realize that this is from the liberal-bastion that is the Wall Street Journal, but...

    As Palin Gets Picked Over, Some Eyes Turn to Culvahouse

    Posted by Ashby Jones
    September 3, 2008, 2:02 pm

    As details of Sarah Palin’s past have dribbled out over the last several days (Troopergate, her daughter’s pregnancy, her husband’s DUI), some have questioned the thoroughness of John McCain’s veep-vetting process. So it’s perhaps only natural that the name A.B. Culvahouse would start appearing with more frequency.

    Culvahouse, the chairman of O’Melveny & Myers, a former counsel to President Reagan and a well-respected Beltway lawyer, was tapped by McCain earlier in the year to head up McCain’s VP search team.

    Both the LA Times and the Washington Post report today that Culvahouse sat down with Palin for a lengthy interview last week. When asked by the LA Times why more of Palin’s Alaska colleagues hadn’t been contacted, McCain aide Mark Salter said that Culvahouse and his team of lawyers “are very good and very discreet.”

    An American Lawyer article out today on the topic asks whether McCain’s timing may have made life difficult for Culvahouse and his team. McCain’s need for discretion and secrecy may have compounded problems. According to the WaPo, Culvahouse was chasing down last-minute information about Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty at the request of the campaign as late as last Thursday, the day McCain offered the job to Palin and she accepted. Culvahouse did not respond to a request for comment made by AmLaw, and did not immediately respond to a call placed by us.

    Still, as Palin gears up for tonight’s speech at the Republican Convention in St. Paul, the campaign is sticking by her wholeheartedly. Asked by the LA Times whether there was any chance Palin would be dropped from the ticket, Salter responded indignantly: “Why? What would be the reason? Her daughter’s pregnant? A bunch of cable chatter? He made the right pick. He’s very excited.”
  2. Here's a link to another look at the McCain vetting process:

    Here's a reprint of part of it:

  3. Interesting. Thanks.

    It would appear there's a conflict in the media about whether Palin was satisfactorily vetted or not.

    We won't know the answer unless McCain removes her from the ticket now, which is highly unlikely, though Intrade is taking bets on that now.
  4. Based even solely on her daughters unmarried, unplanned pregnancy I'd say the answer is a big "unsatisfactory."

    The evangelicals are already displeased, now they're going to be right upset.
  5. Evangelicals are displeased? Says who? They love Palin.

    This pick has done the impossible. It has energized the conservative base. They are mad as hell about the way the left wing media have gone after this woman and her family. Obama's lackeys in the media have awakened the sleeping giant.
  6. Seems like they knew all this stuff.

    The issue is how do you release it. Do you make the announcment then at the same time announce the DUI and the pregnancy.

    No , you make the annoucment then after a pause release more info.

    Obama admitted to cocaine use , a felony...If he had got caught would that make it an issue as a DUI? I really think the two are both serious even though the law looks much worst on Cocaine......Of course had he got caught he could never had become a lawyer.
  7. Obama uses cocaine, Palin's husband gets a DWI 22 years ago. Note, nothing there about Palin.