blame for cell phone failures after sandy? another george bush disaster:

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  1. when you have a single minded idology to just kill regulation without thinking about the consequences this is what happens:

    Why Cell Phones Went Dead After Hurricane Sandy

    Five years ago the FCC, responding to findings that communications companies had supplied too little backup power during and after Hurricane Katrina, moved to adopt rules requiring the companies to have emergency energy sources. In response, the companies sued, claiming that the commission had no authority over them. Before that case could be resolved, the George W. Bush administration’s Office of Management and Budget determined that such rules would require the companies to incur undue costs to gather the needed information, and the commission withdrew its effort altogether.
  2. And Obama has had four years to do something about it, but let's not talk about that. Like everything else, you and he take no reponsibility. I have no doubt you and he will still be blaming Bush as the years go by. It's much easier to balme someone than actually do something to resolve the issue. But hey, it's only been four years.
  3. think much? these types of things only come to light after they blow up. like after katrina and now sandy. bush saw it after katrina and rejected necessary regulation. obama saw it now and i bet he will not reject necessary common sense regulation to force backup preperation.

    its the difference between a thinking president and one driven by anti regulation ideology.
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    Think much? Did the problem go away 5 years ago after it was, in your words, "uncovered"? No, the current administration was more concerned with ramming Obamacare down the throats of the majority that didn't want it rather than dealing with issues like the economy or backup power for cell phone towers.