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  1. Which firm created the Blackwood trading platform?

    Different firms use the Blackwood trading platform, correct?

    Are these different firms allowed to modify the software? For example, let's say I sign up as a retail trader with a firm that uses Blackwood. And let's say that I ask them to put a few additional "specialty" columns into a Blackwood quotesheet (For example, Gap% or something like that). Can any firm modify the software for themselves? In any way they want?

    Just wondering. Thanks for any help.

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  3. I think the creators will have to modify the software.

    Benchmarq Trading, LLC uses Blackwood. I just tried it.... and shockingly I did not like it as much as Laser though.

    It's okay, it's just I need super fast order entry.

    If you are not in and out of stocks though in seconds, then I think it would be a great platform.

    Benchmarq Trading does use it though.
  4. damm jmowery you know must have called every firm in the world. i think for a trader just starting out your obssessing on commissions and companies instead of learning how to trade. once you learn how to trade and consistently make money then you can shop around.
  5. So do you think if I went to work at Benchmarq or Prestige, neither firm would be allowed to change the software for me? I'm looking for a firm that can make software changes for me.

    Does anybody know a firm that is willing to make software changes for their clients?

  6. I sincerely doubt that.

    Of course if you ever do find something like that around, please let us know, but I think your asking for too much for a firm to change a software specifically for you.

    And again, firms in a lot of cases didn't even program the software... so it's useless.
  7. I'm wondering if you can be more specific. I use Blackwood, which is a copy of Anvil, which I learned on. I consider it to be very fast, and most importantly, crystal clear in it's presentation of order flow. Not looking to get into a pissing contest, but I am curious if there is something out there, which is better than what I use now (which I consider to be great).

    Thanks in advance!
  8. I couldn't find out how to use hotkeys to directly enter an order. I believe from trying it you had to press the key to set-up the order, and then click the button to execute.

    A second or two difference can make or break a trade for me especially if removing liquidity.

    I still have all the platforms downloaded, I'm going to try them out again. I just didn't like the interface or Level II screen.

    My favorite so far has been Sterling Trader Pro, Laser, and Anvil.

    Sterling Trader Pro is used mostly by institutions, so I'm still searching for prop firms that use it.

    Just personal preference I'd guess though. I need to be able to switch between stocks and do everything by keyboard, not have to even touch the mouse.

    So far, the absolute best for that has been Laser though.

    I didn't have much time to mess around with it, so I'm going to try it again tomorrow and see if I can figure out more things, but just soley based on first impressions, I liked Laser much better, and the interface seemed a lot cleaner. Which is a shame because I was talking to the guys at Benchmarq, and they seem really nice.
  9. Go to Settings, then Keyboard and set your hotkeys that way. You can set your buys and sells to go through SDOT (limit) or NX or to just smart swipe the ECN (using Hunt).

    You can also set a small and big limit in the event you need to hit into or out of in urgency but don't wanna go market (example: small limit buy = +.06, big limit buy = +.12)
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