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  1. Trust me on this one - Bright and Echo are closing doors at their offices all around the country.
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  2. posted by daniel m
    Where did you hear this? I've heard the opposite regarding these two firms. I do realize that there is consolidation within the industry, but what's your source?

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  3. Regarding ECHO, this statement could not be further from the truth.

    Do you realize that in the last 4 months, ECHO has OPENED 4 new offices:

    San Diego
    Providence, RI
    Roseland, NJ

    While other firms are closing, ECHO is expanding and growing. Not only in number of offices, but in number of traders.

    The firm currently has a track record of having more traders at the end of the month than at the beginning of the month since they have been around.............find me another firm with this track record. There isn't a lot of new blood around!!!

    Before you post, you should get the facts about ECHO.

    I cannot speak for any other firm closing doors.
    Robert Tharp
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  4. Well, apparently the traders there didn't like the draft - so they shut their doors! :D

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  5. Look, I was a trader with Schonfeld, Now im on the floor. Blackwood and the rest are starting to come to the reality that "daytrading" as we knew it is dead.

    Of course you will always have the casino's selling you the dream. Charging outrages commissions, like 5 to 6 dollars round trip for futures, LOL, and 1 to 7/10ths of a penny, LOL.

    I took Schonfeld's drastic move to wake me up out of my sleep. I was forced to look around after i resigned from schonfeld. (And yes im getting my money, both my month p&l payout and my kicker.)

    After looking around i decided to hit the floor, I saw the light, almost choked when i found out what i cost to do business on the floor vrs the computer....ITS CHEAPER>........... anyways....not saying that you cant pick up nickles and dimes on the computer.
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  6. chisox

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    If you feel like you got off a sinking ship, It will feel like a jon boat
    compared to what your in for!!!!!!!!
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  7. I think he was kidding ...
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  8. machine


    Do you have any plans to open offices in Canada? I know that Bright already opened an office in BC .
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  9. ECHOtrade, like most US firms does not do any business in Canada

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  10. Maybe he was not kidding ...
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