Blackwater vivisected

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  1. "Its that simple. The reason the SF haters don't go vounteer for Blackwater is (a) they can make more money without risking their neck; and (b) they wouldn't get to kill fat rednecks like me, so it wouldn't be any fun for them. I promise you, if Blackwater got a contract to "protect" someplace like Enid, Oklahoma from "Christian Extremists" you'd get half of SF volunteering and they wouldn't even ask what the pay rate was. It's who we are, it's what we do. I wouldn' blame 'em. Imagine the fun it'd be for some Noe Valley yuppie, driving down those Okie alleys with your barrel playing eenie-meenie-miney-moe, catch an okie by the fronal lobe, or just making up games, "Lessee, I'm gonna shoot the next one I see with buck teeth...or a cowboy, maybe the next four-door pickup, I hate those things, shoot the next redneck driving a crew cab..."
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    I love Mercs, you can get more truth out of a Merc in five minutes than all the rest of the typical week... I heard some guys interviewing for Merc positions once, it was in a restaurant.. one of them asked the interviewer what his philosophy was.. without hesitating he says "anything worth fighting over is worth shooting somebody in the back over".... hee hee.... I have an old friend that is absolutely, positively, unequivocally cut out for Merc work, when he's home he is fighting with everybody, wife, neighbors... [I was one of his neighbors, what a pain in the ass and what a second degree black belt too]... he's making some long coin in Iraq nowadays... and after nine years in Afghanistan we are still looking at "a few more years" LOL...

    If you want to get the no-bullshit story on things around the globe, stop buying those shitty liberal rags, stop reading them even, they are there to cloud your vision like cataracts.. get Soldier of Fortune magazine...

  3. ....stay away from anyone's daughter.
  4. By the nonsense that you post you leave one with no choice but to conclude that you are fucking idiot.

    If you're dying to hear the real story you should check in here:

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    I'm married to some old guy's daughter.. other old guy's daughters are coming on to me from time to time too.. what is a guy to do??
  6. Nothing but fucking propaganda.
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    I think I missed something somewhere. I know that 2 former Blackwater employees gave 'sworn' statements containing claims and allegations about attrocities against unarmed muslim civilians, but I was not aware that:

    1. their claims have since been proven
    2. they were not disgruntled fired employees
    3. these gentlemen would never lie under oath,
    thereby making them so much more believable than
    their former 'brothers'
    4. it has been proven that no muslim has ever
    removed a wepon from the body of one of his dead
    brothers or sisters in order to give the appearance that
    the American 'monsters' were killing unarmed civilians

    Bad things happen during war. Many good men in all branches of the Service have done very bad things. But that doesn't mean that all members of all Services are bad. That the Blackwater guys are mercs doesn't make all of them bad. Many could have chosen to 're-up' instead of going merc. But let's see ... I can get shot at for $700 a month under strict rules of war that are likely to put me in a body bag, or for $700 a day and under rules that are not so rigid ... hmmm ... decisions, decisions, decisions ...
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    Mercs aren't that bad as people go maybe... some really want to kill people, and I'm not a merc at all, don't have the background to do it well, but I lived in an area where for a while there were a lot of them, I don't think differently than they do that much... I'd say they aren't the kind of people that dwell on morality a lot but I sort of picked up on the idea that the guys that really wanted to just kill somebody were not at all the majority or a popular minority but they are part of the deal...

    A merc is a successful soldier. A small army of successful soldiers is way, way more effective than a large army of inductees. The earliest proof of that is in the Genesis story about Abraham's 300+ guys defeating a rather large army... a few dozen mercs once went to Africa to free thousands of captured UN troops and got the job done in hours or a day or two with little harm to themselves even... maybe about the similar percentage of people can be successful soldiers as can be successful traders... I know that when the SHTF in the US like it might I'm going to have a defensive force on the payroll if I need it and they won't be rent a cops...
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    Maxpi you're so right - mercs are more effective and more efficient. They're able to maintain the focus necessary to achieve this level of success because they're not tethered by the binds of politics. Blackwater has been somewhat successful in its efforts as a bodyguard service - they haven't lost one package yet!! Not bad. Now ... if you're a 'package', would you rather be escorted by Blackwater, or a squad of National Guardsmen - who (God bless) would undoubted do their very best, but who were conscripted from their lives as husbands, fathers and sons???
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