Blacks loot a Rite Aid to protest police shooting

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  2. "Kiki" was a good boy. Most likely and honor student and destined for greatness. He was just pointing that gun at the cops for fun. He just be playin. Now he be's dead cause of the racist cops.
    And now you know why so many kids get killed in the black community. So long as they, the black community, continue to defend criminals like "Kiki", ain't nothing going to change.
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  3. How come they didn't shoot the looters?
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    And end up in legal hot water like Zimmerman for murdering "youths"?
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    Cuz that would be *racist*!

    Brooklyn cops should resign en-masse. Heh heh heh. Let them see what life is like with no cops.

    Or even calmly announce "There will be no cops on the streets of Brooklyn tonight, or on call. Y'all are on your own this evening. Enjoy your time of racist-free entertainment!"
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    AP coverage of grieving mother:

    Over a thousand comments so far, nearly all of them supporting the police.

    Those of us who were news hounds in pre-internet days remember that there was no discussion of race allowed on these types of stories. The story would report a young black man was shot by police, if the officer was white then the race of the officer would be mentioned. In the op/ed section of the newspapers there would be no comments about the decedent, at least none about why he had a gun, why he was out so late on a school night, and none about a criminal past of the decedent. Occasionally, a Pat Buchanan column would appear and give some tough talk, but not even other conservative columnists would attempt to have anything published by left-leaning newspapers. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is the democratization of information. It's no longer a lecture, now it's a discussion.
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