Blacks loot a Rite Aid to protest police shooting

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  2. Quick where's IQ47 and rcg.
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    There are several blogs commenting on it, including Slate. I'm surprised at how these left-leaning blogs aren't portraying it as a racist cop shooting (although I found one blog claiming that there was no riot).
  4. I can't post at huff poo so:

    I hate cops and they have been known to lie but if the kid did pull a gun on 2 undercover officers what do these dumbfvcks expect?

    So yeah of course the shooting can be debated.
    The riot damage to public & especially private property cannot be justified.

    In other news:
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  6. I was thinking we might actually catch one of them on surveliance video.:D :D
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    Well in that case, Buckwheat looks like Fat Albert...with dreadlocks.

  8. Anyone want to explain what a 16 yo kid is doing on the street @ 11:15 pm?

    The kid has 4 prior arrests.

    Noticeably absent is a comment from the parents or family members.

    "The kids, they retaliate because they want their voice to be heard," Mitchelin said. "They're frustrated. Not even the police commissioner or the mayor. Nobody came out... And he was a baby!”
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    Does the kid even know who his parents are?
  10. chances are he didn't even know who his mother was.:D :D
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