Blacks are nothing more than monkeys - so say Al Sharpton

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    I don't even know where to begin on this one. When I first heard about the outrage against the cartoon, I thought it was muslims. When I saw the cartoon, I assumed it was animal rights activists. But it turns out that many liberals view blacks as (I kid you not) monkeys.

    Here's the cartoon:

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    Most folks are aware of the chimp who was recently shot. Most folks are aware of the trillion dollar deal the government has just inked. Not sure how it gets to be a "black" bill tho.
  2. LOL

    Obama didn't write the stimulus bill in the first place.

    Presidents don't write bills. They are not in the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH.

    Hoo boy! Another day, another laugh at pointless inflammatory remarks made by racial "leaders".
  3. New York Post Editor-in-Chief Col Allan said in a statement the cartoon "broadly mocks Washington's efforts to revive the economy."

    If i owned the company, the editor would be fired for a number of reasons. A teenage kid would be able to see that this is a long shot trying to link and ape getting shot to the president and the stimulus bill. The connection is so far apart that the only conclusion is that this is racist.........someone went out of their way to make this comparison. If a lion which escaped from the zoo was shot, would't be a long shot linking that to george bush and any mainstream bill that he was pushing through?

    The other obvious thing is the backlash from this, i think jewish black muslim, indinan, asian and all other minorites would be equally offended if attacked in this manner. The world is growin and things like this don't make such a big splash anymore as its sillyness is brushed off.
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    I'm very surprised that a Moderator would even initiate this post.
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    He may not have written the Bill but he'll be held accountable if it goes wrong.

    Another day, another laugh at pointless inflammatory remarks made by broke traders.
  6. Where was Al when everyone was comparing Bush to a monkey?
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    A filthy motel with cash only hourly rates?
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    Show me one picture or article that described Bush as a Monkey.
  9. most liberals are closet racist bastards:mad:
  10. Try a simple search on Google = Results of about 2,540,000 for bush-monkey.

    Any more questions?
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