Blacks and Hispanics are stupid

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  1. Sorry you minority numbskulls, you can't compete without help. Hey, don't blame me. It's your friends on the left that think you're a bunch of vapid morons, unable to even do the simplest of tasks without giving you an edge.
    It is not by coincidence that they teach you this at a very early age. You minorities must be told from the get go that you are less than average and need help. Thankfully your Uncle Sugar is there to save you.

    From another article:
    At issue are new achievement goals, called annual measurable objectives, set by the state under a waiver from NCLB accountability rules granted by the U.S. Education Department. Virginia is not alone in seeking federal relief in order to have flexibility in its approach to education. But its decision to calibrate performance targets by race, ethnicity and income has been denounced by advocates for minority and special-needs students.

    The plan sets pass-rate goals for students in specific subgroups based on past test scores. There is a higher pass rate for Asian students than for white students and significantly lower pass rates for Hispanic, black or special-education students. For example, schools are expected in 2017 to have 78 percent of white students and 89 percent of Asian students pass the math standards of learning, compared to 57 percent for black students, 65 percent for Hispanic students and 49 percent for special-education students.

    Note that the black students are expected to perform just above the mentally retarded. Your friends on the left don't think much of you.
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    Liberals just don't think right. There is something terribly wrong with the liberal mind.

    You can't advance minorities by lowering their achievement standards. All that will do is lock them into a class of citizen below others. Diplomas will be tainted and achievements will be questioned for the rest of their lives.

    If I were a minority father in Florida, I would be mad as hell that they are going to do this to my children.
  3. It's not just Florida. Nationally, Black and Hispanic students are not expected to keep up with other students at any level of reading, writing or math.
    I sat in classrooms with Black students in 1964. There were black students in all my classes from 7th thru 12th grade. My school was the last all white High School to be integrated in the city of Gary, IN. Blacks have had access to the very same education as white students for over 50 years. FIFTY YEARS, and they still can't keep up. How can this be after all these years? The radical left has created a permanent underclass, and for what? Votes! They have sacrificed an entire race of people just to further a leftist political agenda.
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    Being behind is different from not keeping up.
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    And you excel at both.
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    Explain the difference to us, according to the Ricter, and why it would matter in this discussion.

    Because if you are behind, you are not keeping up. And, if you are not keeping up, you are behind.

    Oh, just wait a minute. Did I just stumble upon the "Daily Ricter Riddle?"

    You tricky commie riddler, you. I stepped right into that one. :D
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    It would not be so bad however the liberals and Jesse Jackson types have convinced them that they deserve equal outcomes no matter what. The crock of shit known as diversity, combined demographics, is an economic powderkeg since the retards now expect the same pay as more accomplished people. At the same time we are supposed to compete with Germany and China. They either cannot (genetics) or will not (culture), but what difference does it make?

    Count the USA as one of the many places leftist economic ideas have destroyed. I don't know when, but the reckoning is all but certain.
  8. White people aren't keeping up with the Asians,
    because educators are dumbing down the tests so the blacks can catch up because they be hind.
  9. talk about grading on the curve :D :D :D
  10. Actually CO, as I re-read the article this is my take.

    "performance targets by race, ethnicity and income" I think the point of doing this is to appease union detractors and teacher evaluations.

    I believe Fed dollars are at stake to come up with teacher evaluations. They objective might be to compare Jamals test scores to his dumbass older brothers score from last year. If Jamal scored a 57 and his brother had a 56 last year. Jamal and his brother both failed but the teacher gets a raise because she has improved test scores.
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