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    The article is fairly well written. It is rather long. My take is that A New World Order is emerging and a key component is digital currency. The pandemic and economic turmoil is accelerating this movement. I am not a big fan of Unification or digital currencies but there is already too much momentum heading in that direction. In the end we will end up with a system where it is easier for the few to control The Many.
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    The differences between "digital currency" and the digital dollars already in your bank account (and that I can already send for free using Venmo etc, and next year with the new Fedwire) seem fairly minimal, almost trivial.

    The biggest one is that you effectively remove commercial banks from the cash management and payments process. This is also the reason why CBDCs will probably not be very widely used or promoted, because governments don't want to deprive banks of cheap deposit funding.
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    Ayn Rand

    The gist of "digital currency" is that you "will need a number to buy and sell". Every single thing that you do will be monitored via blockchain. Full scaled "digital currency" is centralization of the Whole.

    The New World Order has no borders and would find commercial banks a nuisance.

    The best way to impede the current trend is to use cash as often as possible. Unfortunately, even for me who knows better, cash is a hassle, especially when you have to deal with change/coin.

    Is the individual and privacy important? Perhaps not.
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    The key difference is: Digital currency = direct government control of monetary policy without independent entities such as the Feds and the complete loss of privacy (no more cash)

    Digital dollar = current fiat currency but can be transacted online at the option of the dollar holder

    The presence or absence of commercial intermediaries is irrelevant and is a sidenote at most.
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    Wise words;
    except cash is not really a hassle , if you think so, leave your change @ WMT. Actually plenty leave a penny on ground.:D:D
    I use checks or certified funds,also no problem with or without change.
    US congress thought privacy was not important ,so thus the idea to moniter all accounts over $600\oops that did not fly \too many do value their privacy. But that is USa.
    But one way we could give most of the herd ''a number''; brand it on them with a red hot iron like cattle herds.:caution::caution: