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    Maybe we could make a blacklist of websites that just want to make money from selling subscriptions instead of helping traders to succeed. I know that a lot of you never buy stuff like this, but for the innocent trader (myself included....:D) we could do this. Or even make a website about this. The only problem is, is this legal? I think i will make a website, but i need help. Anybody who bought a tradingcourse, subscription to stockpick sites, chatrooms etc. and who thought that he did not got value for his money pm me and i will put it on a website. Include arguments why etc. Thanks. Do you think this is a good idea? please give your opinion.
  2. I think you are going to get sued ...
  3. That's a great idea, go for it!
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    The hard part is how do you separate the real user input from the trolls? Just like a message board. Competitors or other random people can slam vendor products for no reason. You'll also need to accept positive reviews, but the same problem applies.

    It's the same as it is here and also at other sites where "user reviews" are accepted like You can't really be too sure when a review is overly positive or overly negative. Usually all you are left with is a lot of skepticism. So do what I do- question everything, demand proof, and fish out the trolls.
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    Why would they sue me? I'm just given my opinion.
  6. Because in the US they can ...
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    One very legitimate reason they might want to sure you is for loss of business and defamation of character. Maybe they offer an excellent service but your just a loser when it comes to trading. You took out a second mortgage and lost your home cause you cant manage money, exercise stops and do all the wrong things. Is that their fault?

    Another reason they may want to sue you is because if they do know you are making derogatory statements about them and don't sue, they have lost almost any right to sue future detractors. Its like enforcing your trademark. You have to do it with any know infringements. You cant just pick and choose those you will and will not sue. I say go for it but just make sure you can live with the outcome.
  8. Another reason they might want to sue you is you are right and they suck;

    however they have a lot more money than you and are going to bankrupt you with the legal costs defending the suit or at least make your life a living hell for fun ...
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    As Dilbert said, great idea, you go first! :p
  10. you will not get sued as logn as you post their real calls.........
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