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  1. Breakout System for ES.

    Wait 60 minutes after the open.

    3 ticks above high of first 60 minutes is long entry.

    3 ticks below low of first 60 minutes is sell entry.

    If get signal, the other end is your stop. Ex: if get signal to go long, then whatever your signal would've been to sellshort, that is your stop price.

    Exit on close of day or get stopped out; whichever comes first.
  2. well you almost have it but not exactly correct...they have additional filters they use and profit objectives..
  3. clacy


    So does it work pitbulltrader?

    Have you used it?
  4. Last year a friend of mine in Canada bought this system. It worked so-so for a bit, but then was being stopped out way too often to be profitable.

    If I remember right, Steve told me they kinda stretch the truth about winning days on the website. Many of the posted winning trades were not winners when traded by Steve.

    CS left a lot to be desired as well. When called on these supposedly winning trades, they would claim he didn't place the order correctly.
  5. I emailed Robert, the seller of BJT, asking what are his personal results trading the system. He ignored numerous requests for an answer. Backed into a corner, he accused me of not being a "serious" trader for asking such a question.

    The course used to cost $799. it is now $999. He probably raised the price because less noobs are purchasing and he wants to keep his profit margin the same.
  6. Nothing like the ACD system of Fisher...with Blackjack trader you are basically buying or selling retracements once the first 60 minutes of trading have transpired...Like any methodology some will make it work and some won't......I don't want to reveal too much of the method but you can email me if you need more specific answers........I have not followed their online results so I can't comment on that...I beleive over time the method works and it can be improved upon
  7. It's a pretty good system. I have used it quite a bit but I am not trading as much now but would recommend it. I would be interested in discounting it if someone would be interested. You can PM me or email me.
  8. Snowbird,

    Assuming you're no shill and you're happy paying what you did for BJT, did you average the 20 ES points (80 ticks) or so weekly as the site claims?

    And if BJT produced good income for you, why are you no longer trading (BJT)?
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