Blackjack - I'm hooked!

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  1. (mods, did not know where else to post this. if this is not the place, sorry! pls repost if you wish - thanks.)

    Been trading forex cash for 2 years. Developing and trading systems that successfully access the global currency market.

    So, the other night I went to Yahoo Games and started playing Blackjack, aka "21."

    Using my trading abilities/systems, I turned $1,000 into $10,000 in little over an hour.

    Opened another account and turned the $1,000 into over $5,000 also in a short time.

    Well, I was thinking, hey, I could go to casinos and make money playing BJ. :D

    Does anyone happen to play this game? Does anyone know if money can be made in casinos if you are actually using advanced trading systems to play the game?

    I'm not "card-counting" - I'm basically just slugging it out like I do in the forex.
  2. A) You can't count cards on a internet gambling site because they aren't using a real deck of cards. they are using computer generated random cards based off the probabilities of a real deck.

    B) I am guessing here, but I don't think it is possible to beat blackjack using any advanced system. The probablity of winning hand is like 49.8%, something like that, and multiplied over thousands of hands means you have no chance. But I would love to hear the basics of your system to learn more about why you think you can beat the game.
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    Yahoo may simulate a deck of cards, as well as other sites. I dunno for sure, but it's easy to do.

    It is a fact that with proper card counting (and the basic strategy) you can obtain an edge in blackjack. The big shoes that hold a lot of decks make that a lot harder. Lots of reshuffling hurts as well.
  4. Yahoo can simulate real-play, internet gaming must run random or the counting 'bots would arb them into oblivion. So yeah, probably wouldn't make much sense to count, Skalpz.

    There is very little edge to be had in casino-21. Running Revere APC and adjusting into the skew would offer little edge. The games don't allow for any depth into the shoe. Better off learning the nuances of hold 'em and playing the tourists.
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    Get a girlfriend or a hobby. Blackjack is a waste of time.

  6. a girlfriend isn't a waste of time...and money. At least if he goes to a good casino, he can get free booze.

    RF & B, baby. The three most expensive letters of the alphabet.
  7. OK, well, I just started again with $1000. I now have $10,285.

    Maybe you misunderstood me, I said I don't count cards.

    Very similar ways of trading the forex.

    1. Be relentless against the dealer. Never show mercy. Never demonstrate weakness. Never back off. Never let up.

    You've got to eat the dealer. (It helps if the dealer is a pretty girl. :D)

    2. Only bet (heavier) when odds are in your favor.

    3. Back off quickly when you are losing. Realize you ARE going to lose at times so don't let it screw up your overall equipoise when it happens.

    Just remember there are LOTS more hands where the last one came from.

    4. Just win A LOT. :D

    5. When the dealer (or market) wins, make it count for as little as possible against you, when you can.

    See, the more I win the more money I make. Doesn't really matter that I make HUGE amounts (by increasing my bets) per win. I just focus on winning. And I win two ways - 1. when I beat the dealer; 2. when the dealer blows his own account up.

    Plus, there's a few other cards up my sleeve. :D

    Oh yeah, one other thing: I expect to lose... so I trade away from losses.

    Most of all - I know I'm a winner.

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    You sound like one lucky dude, may your fortune continue.
  9. Another very good point.

    I make ample use of... Luck.

    It's built into my system.
  10. You completely don't know what you're talking about...
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