Blackhawks Stanley Cup Odds

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  1. I am by no means a huge hockey fan, but I am from and still live in Chicago. I was listening to The Score (670am...local sports talk) yesterday and they said the Stanley Cup Odds would favor the 'Hawks in quite possibly the largest margin in the history of finals series. They compared it to the '85 Bears (obviously homers) and how New England didn't stand a chance.

    Any perspective from a hockey fan?
  2. Huge hockey fan. I can attest that the Hawks indeed are heavy favorites going into the Stanley Cup final. They rolled through San Jose four straight, and San Jose is a powerhouse. The only real trouble Chicago had was against Vancouver in the conference semis. That being said, Philadelphia has the best defense in the Eastern Conference and should put up a fight. But in the end, I see the Hawks winning the series fairly easily. Too much firepower on offense.
  3. I laughed my ass off when he took a pay cut to go from Pittsburgh to Detroit because he thought Detroit had a better chance of winning a cup. Wouldn't you know it, Pittsburgh and Detroit meet in the finals and Pittsburgh wins LOL

    He could have had a bigger paycheck AND a Stanley Cup.
  4. Hello


    If somehow the flyers pull this thing off he is going to go down in history as the biggest curse of a player a team could ever have, and Chicago has him for 9 more years.... Chicago fans had better hope they win the cup this year, or there is going to be a major question mark on that deal.