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  1. to appease my fans, I have decided to start this thread where I will post some of my calls.

    what started it all was this trade.....

    as you all see,that trade was closed out for a significant profit

    currently I have 3 positions open, all of which are position/swing trades and not daytrades.

    1)short AAPL from 127.26
    2)long IBKR from 26.09
    3)long DJIA from 13610

    as can be seen, all of these are underwater right now (losing money).these trades were announced live here on ET and can be found by doing a search under my user ID.

    I am confident all 3 will be closed out w/profits in the days and weeks to come.

    Lastly,I will be announcing a new trade shortly on this very same thread.

  2. So the idea is to hold through a 10% DD with the potential to eek out a few pennies? Why would anyone feel compelled to search your handle for losing trades?
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    :D :D :D

    My thoughts exactly.
  4. this one is going place me as one of the top traders ever on ET (if Im not there already).

    additionally, this one will redeem myself in the eyes of some of my fans who are currently underwater due to my recent calls.

    here it is..........

    short LEND 13.63 average 109PM EST

    holding for a significant and I mean significant implosion.Im talking single digits and possibly pennies on the dollar.No timeline for this one, it could happen tomorrow.It could happen next month.

    as always, good luck

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    So far doing the opposite of what you suggest seems to be the most profitable path.

    But then again, you are only asking on $10,000 for mentoring so we probably shouldn't expect that much from you.
  6. update:

    the DJIA position was closed out at 13777.this was posted live on another thread.

    realized profit was 167 pts. total hold time was about 26.5 hours w/a drawdown of about 100 pts.

  7. update for my fans:

    still holding my 3 positions:

    short LEND from 13.61
    short AAPL from 127.25
    long IBKR from 26.10

    In the future Im going to get back to basics so to speak and post YM trades exclusively.

    since returning in June my record trading YM is:

    1 trade

    1 win 0 losses

    profit of 167 pts

    since Ive been posting my live YM calls here on ET for a couple years now,Im going to go back and find my total record to date and post that later this evening.

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    Do your fans also watch Jim Cramer as you two geniuses battle for 12 year olds on youtube?

    A 100 point drawdown in these markets is not acceptable.
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