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  1. I have been devistated by loss recently. The only thing I can do now is to get back into the swing.

    Today, I shorted 500 contracts of ES at 1005. Lightning never strikes twice in the same spot...
  2. then you woke up, and your bed was wet...
  3. Jesus Christ. The guy is back seeking sympathy from the devils who drove him off tis site with a reality check. How bizzare can this get??
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  5. Jesus god what a delusion. The blog has statements from Gordon gekko on it like they are his own. Atilla ?? Is tat who this is? Wasn't he outed as a fraud on another thread?
  6. +1 :D
  7. Honestly I pray that he's isn't telling the truth. Shorts will be crushed. Lightning never strikes twice? Bizzzare. Tell that to the empire state bldg.
  8. This time I know I have found the pivot. Rule of 12...

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    On Ignore, off you go you idiot...
  10. I cannot believe anyone EVER let you trade for them. Or ever would again...

    How many times do you plan to start new threads???
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