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  1. Hi,
    I have a 9-5 job. I would like to check the quotes and trade when I am on my computer in my office. Will blackberry or IPhone do it? Pros and cons?

    I don't trade often, maybe 1 or 3 trades a day(and some days don't trade at all).

    Currently I have Sprint service. If I stay with Sprint, I could get a blackberry with huge discount (not IPHone though). Should I get a balckberry?

    Many thnaks in advance,

  2. Using HTC windows mobile phones (T-mobile wing) via RDP to remote control windows based servers and workstations.

    Same RDP technology is used for notebooks to monitor and control trading systems.

    Mobile works surprisingly well... Down side... its now an electronic leash.
  3. Hi, Pocketchange,
    Thanks for the reply. Too many jargons in your message. Basically I am looking for a handheld device for trading. The simple the better. I don't want to carry a laptop all day long.


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    Nothing and I mean NOTHING compares.
  5. TDAmeritrade has a free blackberry and iphone software to trade and monitor stocks/portfolio/news. I tested it on BB and found it too slow ,EDGE network, and too small.

    I think Nokia N810 using VNC/RDP connection to a real PC would work much better. Personally I'm waiting for sub-notebook with intel atom dualcore with 10" LCD.
  6. Basically we use Windows based systems to run our trading algos and systems. When we are mobile we are able to gain access and remote control of each of our trading systems from our phones via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)...

    Suggestion is to use remote control technology to enable your phone to be able to access and control your trading system.

    Windows Mobile phones have RDP client software available. Makes things easy..

    Recently there has been a release of RDP for iphones. Have no experience with it but you can find it here:

    Take a look at the Sprint Mogul (HTC phone) running Windows Mobile.
  7. Remote Control keeps the datafeeds and heavy processing at the office. Mobile you can monitor, adjust and trade but the screen is limiting. Mobile 802.11 Wifi is actually robust with screen updates but GPRS/Edge/3G are all a bit laggy.
  8. Im thinking about getting a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 which is coming out next week in the UK, and in a few months in the US.

    It has an 3 inch 800x480 screen and an arc slider keyboard and runs windows mobile 6.1
  9. Thanks all.

    I will look them up.

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    i was wondering the same thing, only i was going to throw htc in the mix. what do you guys like better, the blackberry OS or windows mobile? I have Sprint right now and im not switching over to at&t, so the iphone is out of the question. I was thinking of getting the htc Touch Pro or the BlackBerry Bold. any opinions?
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