BLACKBERRY or 3G IPHONE if u want to trade from a cell phone??

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  1. i'm planning on buying the new 3g iphone when it gets released next week

    but then i realized, what if i want to trade from my cell phone in the future........i'm sure it is possible now and the capacity to do so will only grow in time

    i like to not be glued to the screen anyways and trade longer term timeframes in the future

    i would also be nice to put on and take off positions when on vacation or away from the computer

    so which is better - blackberry or iphone?
  2. jtnet


    iphone is for hippies stear clear
  3. 3g iphone is going to have huge market share since att is going to subsidize it by $200

    also the exclusive deal with att expires in another year or so........then every carrier will offer iphones

    and i hear there is a huge variety of 3rd party software available for download for the iphone

    don't underestimate the hippie apple fanatics, they can destroy rimm if they want to........they do need to design a phone with a real qwerty keyboard and specifically designed for business users which the iphone is not currently designed for
  4. I'm using an Imate 8502 (3G, touchscreen, qwerty keyboard, etc, etc). It's been good for me.
  5. Do you mean to literally trade from the phone or to tether it's broadband connection for use on your laptop? I do the latter with a Sprint HTC Mogul with the SERO plan (unlimited data/500 mins for $30/month) with great success. I trade from my office desk on my Macbook Pro and don't use a single company asset (other than my time) and have had virtually no issues with speed/lag/connections.
  6. I'm guessing chewy's talking about using the phone on its own, no computer.
  7. I'm very happy with the iPhone - it is very intuitive to use and there is something to be said for a phone that is not full of buttons.
  8. I am doing some research on this also. Since I use IB and their mobile trader is absolutely horrible then I have to come up with something else.

    I found this

    that allows you to view/type/mouse click etc... on your desktop while using your iphone. I borrowed a friends iTouch and tried it out. I got it installed in about 5 min. and was up and running in no time. I did this over my DSL/Wi Fi 802.11g network. There was a little delay but nothing that major. The reason I think it would be better with the iphone as opposed to a blackberry is the iphones screen is bigger 3.5" vs 2.4". The other reason is the best because you can pan/zoom and generally maneuver much better and faster using the iphone.

    Now I didn't try to trade (i used it on a Sunday) but it was pretty cool looking at my desktop while on the iphone and doing things with it. I figured I could setup some macros and with a few keystrocks be long the S&P emini in no time.

  9. What Software Application do you intend to use for charting or trading ?

    Blackberry if you use a "native application"(ex: Marketsimplified Mobile ) because the browser is just mediocre


    iPhone if you want to use plain websites to look at charts and place trades(ex: your brokers website). Noting beats Safari browser on the iphone, although iphone may never support Java/Flash Charting/Trading Applications..
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