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    Chen seems to be more aggressive than Thor.

    Saw an article that BBRY's demise may be exaggerated. Lets see if the recent Foxconn alliance will help a turn around

  2. looks hot . no doubt. shorty caught flat footed to boot.
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    Hit $9 yesterday. Was trading mid $5 early December.

    Looks like there is something brewing.
  4. Is there any new moves with the company?
  5. sorry bro. its a selll trick. we see this back to 5 soon
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    I think following the BBRY will be interesting. assets, Enterprise, short interest, new management.
  7. I want to believe in the turn around.

    But I'm sitting this one out.
  8. I went long on it a while ago and dumped it because it can't hold gains
  9. 2ez


    up over $10 this morning.
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    Focus On Security May Fuel BlackBerry's Turnaround
    Jan. 21, 2014

    "BlackBerry (BBRY) got some welcome good news with the Department of Defense disclosing that it had 80,000 BlackBerry devices Which comprised 98% of the devices on its new Pentagon mobile management system with BES 10.1 as the backbone. I have long believed that the real strength of BlackBerry was secure communications and to date there has been no real challenge to the BlackBerry dominance in security, despite efforts by competitors to enter this space."

    But this is not new information. Blackberry has always been know for it's tighter security than the other mobile devices.
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