Black Wednesday

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    it's here
  2. This thread marks the bottom. GO LONG!
  3. Rock Kin Roll! :cool:
  4. I can't count the number of times I've seen a "black (insert day" thread in trading, and one of the first replies is always someone saying "Oh It must be a bottom".

  5. Certainly, you must believe that this site has some value as a contrary sentiment indicator? :cool:

  6. lol

    I think something interesting has happened. When the whole market was tanking a few months ago, a lot of people were talking about how we could only go lower. Since one of the characteristics of the best times to buy is when everyone is selling, I think a lot of people on ET assumed that JUST BECAUSE everyone else was selling, it was a great time to buy. The best moves are always contrary to the popular opinion, but just because an opinion is contrary to the popular consensus, does not, in itself, mean its the right move.
  7. That was quiet a drop, but it's stabilizing now.
  8. If one is a black person, is it correct to say White Wednesday? :eek:
  9. what was that? :D
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    down over 400 points

    i called it
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