Black vs White (economics)

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  1. I recently found some very interesting information. One of the whitest cities in America is next to one of the blackest cities in America. How do they compare?

    Livonia Michigan is about 13 miles from the center of Detroit, MI, (and 2 miles from the western limits of detroit)

    Livonia - 95.45% white
    Detroit - 81.6% black

    Livonia Median family income = $83,000
    Detroit Median family income = $33,000

    Living below the poverty line

    Livonia 2%
    Detroit 21%

    Livonia population 100,000
    Detroit population 700,000

    violent crime(murder, robbery, rape, ect)

    Detroit 338% higher than the national average
    Livonia less than 1/3rd the national average

    Heres where it gets interesting...home prices are not that much different.

    Livonia median home price $102,000
    Detroit median home price $70,000

    So how can two cities so close be so different? Only one is full of whites and one is full of blacks.

    So the question is...should white separete themselves from blacks, or should they integrate in the hopes that it will improve black communities?
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    Bedroom community?
  3. Well, I think they should sue this city for being too white, and force them to move black people in by giving them free housing or cheaper housing than they give the white people, like they are in other places. Because they need to give one race special priviliages over the other race, so it wont be racist.

    Feds accuse California county of being too white. No, really, too white.

    These racists have a duty to not keep their community too white, and don't recognize how good the diversity is for them and how it enriches their life.
  4. Family values and community pride.

    Non existant among black culture.
  5. Well, that may or may not be true, but let's let blacks worry about black issues. We only need to stick our nose in their business if it's affecting us. Unfortunately though, some of their issues are affecting us more and more these days.

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  7. Lets not forget about dem gold teeff and spinnin' rims! Das wat i'm tawkin' about!

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    this is a serious issue why piss off black people reading this.

    I think one thing we have to do is make the fathers of welfare recipients important again.

    1. the real issue is that welfare makes black men unnecessary.
    2. The fix is to allow people to work and still keep benefits to a certain level of income. Therefore a home with a working dad has a higher standard of living.

    We need to change the incentives in the system.
    The community is only responding to the way the dems have created a dependent voter block..

    Just like white people responded to under priced money for mortgages and bought homes they could not afford.

    You create a system with poor incentives and you screw up society.
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    Well said, jem.

    The first problem with this thread, which my "bedroom community" question was supposed to gently point out, was that we are not comparing like entities. A major metropolitan area like Detroit is too different from a suburb like Livonia to make economic comparisons, particularly since the suburb in this case "services" the very city it's being compared to.
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    The evidence makes a case for segregation, but the foreigner Obama will not allow it.
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