Black Views On Immigration, Discussion Of Race Etc...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CoolTraderDude, Apr 11, 2012.

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    This is a pretty good video on displaying black attitudes to immigration see around 3:00... I'm not entirely sure that the title of the video is appropiate but I don't necessarily disagree with it either...!
  2. pspr


    Mexicans work a lot harder than blacks and I think the black people don't want them here because they will displace them in the easy government sector work. Also they fear Mexican-Americans will take some of the benefits blacks enjoy as a result of democrat hand outs. They want to remain as the dominant oppressed race so they can cry and convince government to make their lives easier.
  3. Yannis


    I had seen this videoclip before and liked it... Good idea to post it here!
  4. Yup...!

    Mexicans also have their own distinct culture which doesn't blend well with Afro-American culture... Mexicans also look down on blacks.

    I liked the part at around 9:00 minutes where that politician makes those remarks on how bringing the "third world" into the west will only turn the west into the third world. Simple common sense...

    There's no benefit to your own kind by helping others take over your land.
  5. Yannis


    Let's remember that the black community is itself divided to some extent: poor blacks (inner city, single mothers, poor women with several children and grandchildren to feed via foodstamps, etc) vs middle and upper-middle class blacks, many of whom are extremely decent and hardworking. Sort of the new black panthers spewing hatred on the Trayvon Martin case on one hand and Will Smith or Bill Cosby on the other. Or, to some extent, Rev J Wright vs Juan Williams. Those great role models should be and act like the black community's magnets.