Black Tuesday

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  2. Oh my dear God:

    3:04 a.m. EDT 09/04/07Futures/Extended Trading(Roll over for charts)
    Last Chg Settle
    DJ Industrials 12532 -850
    S&P 500 1351.70 -112.00

    :D j/k but don't be surprised one weekend when it happens.:)
  3. Back up for discussion.. :D
  4. market close flat
  5. We've been slacking.
  6. 10:00am USD Existing Home Sales High Impact Expected

    Wonder how the numbers will be fudged up on Tuesday.
  7. We'll find out Thursday.:D
  8. Be nice to close at session lows and gap down huge overnight.

    Seems way to easy to short housing sector at this point with tomorrow's numbers on tap. Think I'm a little late for that. I have this odd feeling that the numbers won't be too bad.
  9. Not gonna happen
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    no such thing as a sell off, dips are always bought, housing data should be ignored by wallstreet since no matter how bad the numbers are stocks continue to surge.

    Green tuesday!!

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