Black Tuesday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin2, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. RM is right.

    Jesse Livermore mentioned this as well: "here I was sitting with my "conservative" winnings. You know what made me the big money? Sitting tight that is! Sitting tight!".

    BP III
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  2. mde2004


    Every down day is black to you pros on ET who day trade and make six figures every month no matter what...
    #32     Aug 15, 2007
  3. Thanx! Honestly, I'm not sure at all regarding what comes next.
    I'm just focused on the very near-term, making quick hits on intra-day movements.
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  4. Damn right
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  5. Bootsie


    And for our readers; what was the first again... something to the effect of "Hesitating on Entry"

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  6. Did everyopne see the huege rebound last thursday?
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  7. Yep, the Fed move was leaked somehow leading to that rally.
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  8. It had to. 300 fucking points reversal for the dow..or 2.5%

    I remember seeing the final closing price and I thought it was an error on my computer or browser. I coudn't beleive it. The dow dropped 100 points after the philly fed and I thought it was certainly toast for the day.
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  9. I was wondering when someone would finally ask that, and you're dead right. <b>Trigger shyness</b> is the single worst trait a trader could have, IMO. I've known dozens of traders with the crippling ailment of trigger shyness, and not a single one of them ever went on to build anything resembling a successful trading career.
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  10. I think today is a black tuesday LOL. :)
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