Black Tuesday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin2, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Nothing wrong with cashing in and not getting greedy?

    But sometimes greed is good...
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  2. Agreed.
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  3. have fun giving back your profits, not my game.
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  4. We do not suggest you overtrade, instead the concern is that you could be undertrading. Reaching a daily profit goal is not sufficient reason to cease trading, anymore than being short that target good enough reason to continue.
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  5. Oh no dow rebounding? Is subprime scare over? Soon wallstreet will stop caring about these stupid funds closing down
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  6. capmac


    Looks like Dr Ben Dover is about to put on his gloves...
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  7. sure, once i've been trading the same setup for 5 years that makes sense. to me it makes sense to learn to crawl before you even attempt to fly. 20 YM points a day is my goal. When I've hit that I'm done. If i got a hundred on the week I've been done. 15 point stop, if I get down 40 points on the day i'm done. 120 points down for the week, i'm done for the week. Haven't had that happen yet with this style management yet though. 5k account, 1 car. This morning though, I rode the trend, tried to jog for the first time. Could be done for the week if I want. The remainder of this week has no emotion at all. Market is going to have to entice me with the highest probability setups I can get to risk what I made today, all the pressure is off now on the week.

    To me this is exactly why most traders fail. Good look getting "to the moon" when you can't even crawl without falling on your face. Not saying thats your situation, but giving me that advice is just shit advice, no disrespect.
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  8. S2007S


    expect heavy selling into the close if the market doesnt see a slight turn around by 3:30pm.
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  9. Let's hope so. Looks like a feeble attempt right now to reverse. Would love to see a close to session lows.
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  10. Good close, good times.

    Big bounce tomorrow probably...
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