Black Tuesday For Rack

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by thehangingman, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Check the price
  2. 31% of market cap wiped out in after hours trading tonight.

    That stock fell out of the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down.
  3. Now that is a dip I'm not buying. :D

    At least not yet.
  4. Bowgett


  5. Was this a Cramer "Just buy before earnings...BOOYUH...CACHING CACHING" reco?

    Acts like it! :p
  6. S2007S


    buy the dips thats how you make money in this bull market, RACK should be back above 30 a share by 10am,

    :p :p :p :p
  7. S2007S


    speaking of buying before earnings I may just buy some GOOG, everyone says its going to 600 so it should go to 600, RIGHT???

    :p :p :p :p :p :p
  8. Bowgett


    And buy MSFT and IBM before earnings too :) Word on the street MSFT goes to $50 and IBM to $200. Nice round numbers :D
  9. S2007S


    Wait I was in IBM last week at just under 100, sold out the same day. Next day or 2 later it was downgraded and traded under 99 a share. I WAS LUCKY TO GET OUT, however the BULLS grabbed hold of it and sent it to another 52 week high today. GO FIGURE. Im sure its headed to 110 by Friday morning.
  10. RACK down 37% at 3:15 pm est.
    #10     Jan 17, 2007