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  1. Usually I just have a smiley face, but today here is my summary.

    I thought there would be a rally today, nope, didnt really happen. Therefore, the market is much weaker then I imagined. I looked at many charts and think to myself that the end is near. Will it fall all in one day? Maybe...

    We will wake up tommorrow and gold will be down 100 bucks and Goog will be down 50 bucks and all our old favorite momo stocks will sink further in the abyss. Now is the time to buy into a diversified investment vehicle like the SDS where you can hold onto last year's gains.

    Its a bear market gentlemen and the best way to take advantage is through an ultrashort etf. I love being ultrashort!!!
  2. +15 ES tomorrow.
  3. chop chop chop until more econ. numbers come in.

    Right now its the ECON. STUPID...

    Employment numbers for the next few quarters are key,

    Bar any new "SUB BOMB" news or major bank failings,

    Market is posed to chop IMHO. Sure you will have your one day 200 point moves, unexpected. But over all CHOP CHOP CHOP in the US INDU.
  4. I'll play.

    Fade the opening advance. Then Buy it!! The last hour or so, you're on your own.

    Osorico [1/7/08 11:30pm EST]
  5. Are you really that starved for attention..are we going to get a post everyday of the week proclaiming black such and such until your dumbass actually gets it right?

    Get a dog or a cat if your lonely and need someone to pay attention to you.
  6. You are Stock turders evil (and stupid) twin brother
  7. I know it's early in the year but this post is in the running for Post of the Year. :)
  8. and gold isn't down 100 and if goog isn't down 50 at the open will you never post again?
  9. S2007S


    I think the market is setting up for a huge bounce very soon, look for single day 1.5-2% jump in the markets very soon.
  10. Who cares what direction.....just be happy that it is guys traders or fucking investors?
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