Black Tuesday (1st May, 2007)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by palenimbus, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. 800+ point fall in the Dow.

    You heard it here first.
  2. Mvic


    You just couldn't resist could you :p
  3. That's a dip I would buy.

    It would have to fall 2,900 points to equal the percentage drop of 1987, though (22%).
  4. The day when no one on ET predicts a crash the next day is the day I start worrying. I swear, every single frickin' day some one is predicting apocalypse within hours. Is this guy Blue Streak under a different name?
  5. I'll give you 50:1 on any amount up to $1mm. Game?
  6. its 100% certain blue streak has 100 alias's and keeps rehashing these stupid threads
  7. Only 50:1 I reckon that sounds way too tight I think the actual odds would be much higher than that.

    Actually does anyone know what the odds of an 800 point fall in the dow would be?

  8. You mean, how often it happened before? That is not the same thing.

  9. Hmm....just 8 weeks ago on Feb 27, the Dow fell 547 points (intraday) - why does an 800 point fall sound so outlandish now...if anything, the fundamentals have got worse since then!

    I'm all for a one day 800 point fall (or more) but not necessarliy tomorrow.
  10. depends on the price

    if the dow is at 100,000 a 800 point drop woudnt be too uncommom

    A better question would be what is the probability of a 6% drop? The probability is once every 10-15 years using past data I suppose
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