black thursday??

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  1. how tommorow is gonna be.. can we see some bottom for the year
  2. We don't need another "black ___day" thread. They are getting as bad as those "$5000 to $1,000,000 in two weeks" threads in the journal forums.
  3. Ok Forex...what do U want to talk about??
  4. Mvic


    At least be a little original as in

    Really Fing wicked Bad wrath of satan molten Ebony Thursday

    as far as the journals go I remain unimpressed with anything less than "Taking my $1 dollar weekly allowance to $1B before my 12th birthday (full disclosure: I may add proceeds received from doing chores around the house to the account as this journal progresses)"
  5. how the phuck do I ignore these useless threads?
  6. Don't open the ones U like. Do I have to tell U guys eveything?
  7. capmac


    Puke em out longs....
  8. dow down 150 points

    this is some bad
  9. Moved to chit chat.