Black thursday.

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  1. ES -20

    We need emergency rate cut now!
  2. empee


    I agree, if we start going into another decline, like we had in August, what will the FED do. How will they save us?!?!?!
  3. et123


    Citi has a potential $30bln capital short fall - according to CIBC analyst...
  4. This will be fun today.

    Good time to bargain hunt.
  5. CNBC - Quick, replay that Cramer sobbing and crying tape!

  6. This is the best time to buy evar
  7. Looking like the bears will beat some respect into the market today.
  8. Can't you spell?? It's 3var!

  9. Market setting up for dip and rip.

    Too much big money sitting on sidelines and missing out. Indexes at resistance levels and selling off.

    Buy support over the next month and enjoy the profits. Economy is slowing but Wall Street will squeeze the last breath out of this bull until it finally drops dead. We will all be saved by the weakness in the dollar (seems that's what the street is saying at least).

    Good Luck!
  10. faure


    How did you happen to come up with this conclusion?
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