Black Thursday - This is where the real discussion takes place

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jreynolds212, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. The question was asked where does the real discussion take place. You guessed it. We discuss the markets here in these Black threads. Its time folks.

    Click on my link, go to my link, this will be your fate tommorrow since you decided to go long today.

    You hear me faders. Its time!!! Black Thursday!!!
  2. Joab


    Enough with the Black threads already .... sheesh!
  3. IMHO VIX is too high for a major down day. Barring a nuke explosion somewhere, the market will try to work its way up in the coming week deflating VIX.
  4. Yesterday's rate cut and today's bailout plan for bond reinsurers are probably gonna keep the market in bull mode for a few days, before everyone realizes that the problems are still there.

    Or... we could have another bubble start and delay the crash a little longer...