Black Thursday: Rate cut failed to spark market, now we take the "Big Dump" oh pain!

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    market is always priced 6 months out,great traders are always priced 6days out,this is a selloff leading into nov exp,most exp's rally ,so sell your puts now and cover wed nite ,thur morn ,i.m shorting the 100/99 put sprd in spy for .90-.95,,10 - .05 risk ,for 5-6 times reward
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  2. Bad earnings have been discounted. Looks like there are no more compelling reasons to keep selling and no more sellers left.
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  3. I have to agree with Stock trad3........I hate to admit that but he has a point.

    Market has discounted earnings, for next quarter as well. Sellers are out......Most smart money sold a year ago.

    The only people left are Pension Funds, 401ks, and those who have a very small part of their net worth in the markets.

    The next phase that will bring about the depression will be a full on "CRASH" caused by throwing in the towel. A 1000 plus sell off that will be the signal for all funds to go to cash.....hedgefunds are going under and liquidating every day.

    Not sure how much of euro-land is left in our markets.

    The selling is left to the "Small Folk" now. Only time before a generation of "retirements" will be gone.

    But I don't think it will happen tomorrow
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  4. Estimates are still way to high for 4th qtr and next year. Once they start to come down in a meaningful way the air will clear a bit. Once stock throws in the towel on his uber bullishness the mkt can rally.
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  5. Up we go. The dow only down 12 points. I didn;t even check the market this morning. Just buy and hold. No need to overanalyze the news or charts.
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  6. The ES is taking the dump in AH. Time to consider a Black Thursday...
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  7. Except that tomorrow is Friday.
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