Black Thursday: Rate cut failed to spark market, now we take the "Big Dump" oh pain!

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  1. Futures down big again...
    #21     Mar 6, 2008
  2. 4 ES handles is "big"?
    #22     Mar 6, 2008
  3. I say raise rates or throw that rumor around on the floor to get a nice washout.

    But inflation doesn't matter in this country.
    #23     Mar 6, 2008
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    Quote from ak15:

    It probably may not be feasible for you but I would suggest if at all possible - stop using market orders to get out of positions.

    Kinda of tells you everything you need to know
    #24     Mar 6, 2008
  5. Yes, the raising the rates rumor has hit the floor!

    Get in there Mortimer!!!!!!!!
    #25     Mar 6, 2008
  6. HA!
    #26     Mar 6, 2008
  7. Futures are not favorable and asia does appear down right now. Any thoughts?
    #27     Mar 20, 2008
  8. INTC forces down the futures. Weakness all over the globe.
    #28     Nov 12, 2008
  9. lol the futures are down only very little

    Dow 8,245.00 -35.00 -0.42
    S&P 500 849.50 -4.00 -0.47
    NASDAQ 1,148.75 -14.75 -1.27

    Had it not been for the bad intel report they would probably be higher by 1%
    #29     Nov 12, 2008
  10. Asian did not react the way I thought. For sure Asia would drop 10%, but not close.

    The Feds reversal, on the 700 billion and where it's going, well shocked the market but now makes sense.

    IMHO, I think we could snap back tomorrow, 300 plus. Not a trend reversal but just a snap back....

    If we break 800 on the SP, if it does not hold, then hello below.

    But I have a sneaky feeling that this market is going to fly high tomorrow.

    possible down open, but buyers coming in strong.
    #30     Nov 12, 2008