Black Swan/Monday - Futures Crashing

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kevmeister, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Just kidding :D Couldn't help myself. Might as well get this thread started before someone else does.
  2. JamesJ


    well, ES coming very very low
  3. cszulc


    ES 1235 bid at 1237.75 ask right now, 1 minute to open.
  4. jasonjm


    well, ES opened at 1230 more or less

    down more than 2% from fridays close

    f**k me i just saw a 1211 print
  5. cszulc


    Even worse now:

    -39.25 at 1219.25

    BID 1218.00 at 1219.00 ASK
  6. holy black swan doo doo

    spoos got down to 1215.50

    trading 1220 now

  7. jasonjm


    jeez u guys see that 1211 print?

    down 3.7% with more than 12 hours before real market open
  8. hooooolllly crap
  9. nice so we are down about 40 on the sp tomorrow could be a down 80 day, for the record books
  10. jasonjm


    Just my opinion, but this is one day where I am not going to bottom pick, I'll sit on my hands
    #10     Sep 14, 2008