Black pride and Michael Jackson.

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  1. Why would blacks hold up a narcissistic crotch grabbing weirdo accused of child molestation (who did not even want to be black!) as a symbol of pride when there is a Harvard educated lawyer as president RIGHT NOW?

    Michael Jackson is not black even though he started out very black (he said it is a disorder I lean toward the "bleaching theory")
    All his women were white
    All his children are white (some say he did not father any of them)
    He has done a million optional plastic surgeries and got addicted to various drugs. He also wasted a lot of money and was very narcissistic.

    N.B I am beyond tired of Michael Jackson hysteria that lasted more than a week.
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    You're black, ain't you? )))
  3. No, I am very white. There are plenty of people blacks could put on the pedestal, Obama, Oprah, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, etc. Michael Jackson is a fatally flawed figure.
  4. Uhhh,

    I think that MJ has MANY more white fans than black fans.

    The media hype is not driven primarily by black people. It is driven by the owners of those media outlets.

    Secondly, making statements that imply always, none, all and never would indicate a poor education on the part of the user, u should consider that in the future.:)
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    But you seem like you're VERY black! LOL.

    I agree that the media's obsession with MJ is overblown. While I was VERY sad in the beginning, I'm actually quite irritated when I constantly see him in the news now.
  6. Blacks hold Obama in higher regard then they do MJ Imo
  7. I hope so.
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    You lost me at Oprah. Jordan and Woods are good at sports. Other than that, what makes them so special?
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    I tend to agree.

    IShopAtPublix was obviously brainwashed by his white black history professor at whatever shitty public university he attended.
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    Michael Jackson is a universal pop icon, The greatest entertainer in earth.

    MTV is what it is today because of Michael Jackson

    He did open the door for blacks to flourish, if it weren't for him we would not have seen Obama, Oprah, and Tiger Woods.
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