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  1. why do whtties fear them?
  2. I wouldn't say fear, more like wary. Have to say "some" whities are wary of "some" black preachers, not fearful.
    Can you say you do not see that some black preachers are more focused on firing up their congregation in a cult like fashion with hyptnotizing anti white hate inducing rants? Its not about promoting their religion, more about promoting racism. That is true by some black preachers, not all. No one denies slavery existed, but really, why is it that some black people today(who were never slaves) feel that white people today(who were never slave owners) should be condemned for a crime of the past?
  3. It is a question of whther or not there is a double standard for virulent racism when it comes from a black preacher. Clearly in the case of Obama and the media, there is a total double standard.
  4. Obama is black and white. Why he chose to attend for 20 years a church that promotes racism is what is being questioned now. Its a simple as that, and people have a right to question that without being labeled a white racist who is trying to stop him from being president. So if Obamas ties to that church are what causes his downfall, than it is not the white people who stood in his way, but the black (racist) people who brought him down. Up until this point, Obama had alot of support from white people..but now they question his agenda.
    Yes a double standard does exist. Just look at the title of this thread by the OP. "Whities"? Notice no objections so far about the title..overlooked, no big deal..just answer the question the op asked. Now if a thread was labeled "Blackies" referring to black people, it would be unacceptable. Get it?
  5. There is a double standard but it still operates both ways. Blacks discriminate but White's still do too. There is a black culture and there is a white culture. There remains a gulf between blacks and whites although it is narrowing. Black preachers from what I can see predominantly preach to a black congregation and white preachers preach to a white flock. There's probably something to it. Whites that hear Wright's tirade and are shocked seem naive. What is it about his words that are shocking?
  6. You are right, white racism and black racism is alive and well. The double standard does operate both ways. To deny this would be ignorant.
    Wrights tirade does not shock me at all. His emotion filled animated style is nothing new and is purely cultural. I have no shocked feelings from that and feel it is part of who he is as a person. His ideologys are very much similiar to the 60's movement. It is what his words are saying that reveal his own racism. He believes that those who are white and rich are the enemy. That in itself shows his hatred for whites and rich people. He then speaks of how Jesus has taught him not to hate his "enemy" and he will not stoop to the same level as the rich white people by hating. Therefore Rev Jeremiah Wright has just admitted that he feels all rich white people are the enemy. Now if thats not blatant racism and hate on his part I don't know waht is. He paints a picture to his congregation that any white rich person is only rich becasue they are white and didn't have to work for it. That is wrong. He also suggests that white people are holding back Obama because he is black..and yes I agree that certainly there are some white people who will not vote for Obama just because of the color of his skin BUT Obama has gained a huge following of white people based soley on the platform that Obama presents to the people. And that platform is to unite all people to work toward a common goal. Now we find out Obama is a 20 year member of a church that suggest white rich people didn't have to work for what they have. So people want to know more about this church. Can you blame them?
    I really don't care about the church myself. I am not religious person. But I do care how a religious instituition can promote hate.
  7. obama's preacher is obviously byproduct of interracial mixing.
    he's very lightedskin.
  8. What does that mean? Does that make Rev Wright less of a racist because he interacial? He is racist and its obvious.
  9. I would not vote for Obama because of his close ties to this Rev Wright the same way I would not vote for a white man if he had ties to KKK. Its not a black issue, its a racism issue.
  10. white? this must be a joke.
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