Black Panther leader states intention to initiate physical conflict with Tea Party

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Jul 20, 2010.

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  2. It looks like Obama has some of his grass roots organization ready to go into action.
  3. achilles28


    I think the media are obsessed with race politics to keep Americans in the dark about the real threats to the Country. And it's not some po-dunk black panther outfit with 100 dudes talking tough. The Constitution is literally under attack from all sides, an out-of-control Federal Government bankrupting whats left of this tattered economy, endemic graft and corruption via bailout socialism, Obama's green agenda, endless wars, open borders, Military policing the streets, drilling to confiscate guns from Americans etc etc.

    The Neo Black Panthers are more like a circus freak-show. If anyone crosses the line and commits violence, they should be arrested and charged, accordingly. Trust me, there's much bigger problems then some black guys making idle threats. We got a high-tech mafia running the Country with bottomless pockets who want to gut the Constitution and implement some type of authoritarian police state.
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    The media has been doing everything they can to make the tea party about race. All incumbents are losing. They are losing their corrupt grip. Obviously Beck is a complete slimeball. He could possibly hand deliver a destruction of the tea party before November. The fact is many blacks are joining the tea party. Nobody wants this corruption, it has nothing to do with race. Beck is a whore for the corruption and he will ruin a great new party if given the chance.

    What strikes me about it is they do this on a day for King. It's so over the top. I hope people don't fall for this and Beck stands alone. I can't imagine the slimy fingers at work trying to devise this. This government and media is disgusting.
  5. Agreed, I put beck in the same category as Palin. Both neocons in libertarian costumes. The fact is that even some head tea party figures are black, such as Allen West... who would easily get my vote for office... Palin and Beck seek to use the tea party as an instrument, they don't reflect it's core beliefs. While of course Beck has a valid point with all this, it has zero to do with issues which are relevant to the tea party movement. He's just race baiting...

  6. achilles28


    Yep. Beck is a neocon shill. I remember when he smeared Ron Paul supporters as extremists and possible terrorists. Guy is totally pro-war, pro-bailout, pro-patriot act.
  7. The only hope for the TEA party is to adopt libertarian ideals if beck can popularize the movement then good.

    Shameful that beck wants to use the dictator memorial as a rallying point.
  8. They are fighing as hard as they can to prevent a return to classic liberalism. I just don't get what they are so afraid of. A libertarian renaissance would be the best possible outcome for N America...
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    Exactly. The two-party system is deathly afraid a third-rail will expose DECADES of corruption and premeditated treason to subvert the Constitution and bring us under Global Government. It's an open conspiracy. If a Libertarian ticket wins, a guy like Ron Paul would literally clean house, declassify all the shit that's been perpetrated in America's name over the past 50 years, and thousands of establishment hacks and elites would get arrested, hauled in front of a jury, and charged with sedition. Many of those would be found guilty, jailed for life. OR WORSE. People don't get it. The Country is designed to be this way. It's designed to fail. White papers and establishment books are prolific with the NWO agenda for Global Government. The seat of power in the United State is the Council on Foreign Relations - of which nearly every big name in the executive and judiciary since Jimmy Carter is a member of !!! These people are literally trying to usurp the country, destroy the Constitution (hence all the anti-freedom SCJ appointees) and turn us into a autocratic state. That's why the Country never changes. Repubs or Dems, the spending never stops, the borders never close, the wars never stop, the spying never stops, the taxes (or bubbles) never stop, the outsourcing never stops, the socialist handouts never stop, the attack on free speech and the 2nd amendment never stops. The 4th Amendment is practically gone. It's a constant assault in one direction and that's to smear, vilify and destroy the Constitution and any American who holds those liberties dear. Freedom is slavery. War is peace. Truth is dangerous. The other day I read the head of wikileaks is being hunted by the Pentagon for posting videos submitted by Marines in Iraq. Massacres. Obama declared the Right to assassinate any American citizen overseas if they're deemed an enemy combatant. Obama wants to put massive censorship controls on the web. 75,000 blogs were shutdown by the Government just last week!! Google is admittedly an NSA-CIA front, and now openly admit they work with the spooks! Verizon and AT&T have "secret rooms" where their backbones are split and copied for the NSA. Remember that? It goes on and on. Mountains of it.
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    however the black panthers have a long, losing record of clashing with police.

    Some times it seems black policeman;
    or Hispanic policemen are tougher on Hispanic crooks. Not so much racism, its simply payday/punisment day for crooks...

    Same thing ,the way Hispanic law enforcement agents agree with the AZ law[The law, Mr Holder never read, but went into court over] , never read it,by his own admission...:cool:
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