Black panther leader brags party was let off charges bc administration favors blacks

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Jul 31, 2010.

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  2. You mean the Bush administration who dropped the criminal charges?
  3. No, that would be the Obama administration as the black panther stated.

  4. So it wasn't the Bush administration that dropped the criminal charge, sure about that?
  5. Not according to the black panther in the video. In fact he said it was because a black man was in charge of the administration that the charge was dropped.

  6. I am talking about the actual facts, which administration dropped the criminal charges against the NBP?
  7. According to the black panther, the DOJ atty who quit over this case, and the media it was the Obama administration. I personally don't care which administration it was, it's absurd regardless.

  8. Its not absurd, if it was the Bush administration that dropped the charges then they favor blacks too according to your criteria.

    The Bush DOJ also dropped charges against Minutemen, so they favor whites by the same logic?
  9. Why did the attorney who quit his job and the black panther both say that it was the Obama administration?? Do you have any proof, or even evidence that it was the Bush administration?

    The minutemen case is not the black panther case. The charges and the evidence were very very different. It's a non sequitur, and a very stupid one, to compare the two.

    If it were the Bush administration who had dropped the black panther then yes, it would absolutely be protecting black groups who were intimidating white voters I'd make the same accusation.

    You are a fucking idiot, you act like I am some kind of bush fan. I was one of the biggest bush critics out there. I could rip apart the bush administration harder than your stupid ass could ever think about doing it. You are another internet mouth peice waste of an orgasm who has no fucking clue what you are talking about 90% of the time.

  10. Larson

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    After viewing a portion of the video, one has to conclude that these poor slobs are dupes and fools. Obama couldn't care less for these morons, although for political reasons it does help him to appear sympathetic.
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