Black Panters intimidating mccain voters

Discussion in 'Politics' started by krazykarl, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Lucrum


    Typical Obama supporters.
  2. Typical Repulikan tactic; so I guess they went conservative.
  3. Does this really surprise anyone?
  4. Coming from Fox News what a shocker! Next thing you will see is Drudge report carrying it.
  5. Yes blame the messenger........ You'd make a great Blank Panther!
  6. Who cares honestly? Black panthers are a radical group unaffiliated with the Obama campaign. The only reason this makes news is to stroke fears of a black president. That this clip is from fox is unsurprising.
  7. This is amazing. First you attack the news source, not the conduct of the Black Panthers. Then, you say it doesn't matter anyway.

    You are either a Black Panther or a Kool-Aid drinker. With that kind of attitude, you will lose your job at Publix.
  8. If KKK started blocking blacks from voting would I blame the McCain camapaign? NO! I shop at publix not work there. I shop at Costco too (orlando has 3 of them btw)
  9. The OP who started this thread did not blame Obama.
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