Black or red.

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Black or red, take your guess on closing friday.

  1. Call OTM/Put ITM

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  2. Put OTM/Call ITM

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  3. IWM closes at 71.00

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  1. I have short IWM strike 71 puts and calls expiring this week. The ball is skipping around the roulette table.
  2. Carl K

    Carl K

    It sounds like you're gambling. Good Luck!
    As to "Black or Red"
    Place equal money on "Not Black" and "Not Red".
    The money just goes back and forth until "Green" is hit.

    Enjoy life, it's limited.
    You only get as much as you take.
  3. Why you do not sell the 118 SPY put instead?

    Would pinning be at 120 or higher?
  4. Your questions in the poll are non/un understandable.
  5. And its, black.

    Put OTM/Call ITM

    Casino is closed.