Black or red on the roulette wheel.

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  1. I sold DEC 16 calls and JAN 16 puts on GE. (The calls and puts were sold on different days)

    I wonder where this will settle. This thing is bouncing around mid 15-16's

    If it hits under 16 I am willing to take delivery of shares I am fine with that

    If it is over 16 I will get a position called away come december.

    GE always a fun underlying for servicing the insurance needs of American and foreign investors.
  2. spindr0


    Plus it also improves vending machine sales during coffee breaks at work
  3. Well said spendrO.
  4. GO BLACK!

    GE ended in black. Lets see if tuesday's spin she ends up in the black again.

    My calculations indicate GE pricing will change on a daily basis.
  5. Black or red lets see how this philly does today and friday.

    Still short those 16 calls and puts.

    The Pumper and dumpers are trying push this one over the line today by announcing a 22 dollar 12 month price target for GE.

    Barclays probably made a killing going long those 16 calls yesterday for a casino play to unload at 7-10 cents today.

    close to a 2:1 B/A ratio on the underlying now.
  6. GE is trying hard to break that line of scrimmage.

    It is like kindling just waiting for that spark.

    I am calling it, GE 16 DEC call as a casino trade for those who wish to go long at 6 cents a contract.

    You can triple your money or go broke friday.
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  8. Those GE 16 puts are going down the shitter :)

    Just today value dropped by -70.49%

    I still have my GE positions that never got assigned due the the DEC call being OTM.

    I sold 17 calls on them today for 41 cents (FEB)

    Lets see how the casino does the next few weeks.

    Black or red :)

    Thanks to the Pumper and dumpers announcing yet again a 22 dollar price target :)

    And Dobbs retiring as well.
  9. And the roulette wheel spins again today.

    16 red loses today
    and 17 black loses today again.

    Casino will reopen tomorrow for another spin of the wheel.
  10. 16 JAN red players lost the bet. (puts)

    short 17 FEB black (calls) is still in the house but not doing well down to last close of the day at 21 cents.

    I opened up the Roulette tables for 16 RED FEB, today selling the 16 puts at 78 cents to the lunchtime crowd.

    Tables will close 2/19/2010

    Gotta keep the casino rolling.
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