Black Monday

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  1. Similarities are there for tomorrow. If it does happen it probably will be a buying opp. Any thoughts?
  2. What are the similarities you speak of besides the fact that Friday was a large down day.
  3. Thats right Black Monday!!! Lemme hear it.
  4. A thread from 2002 :eek:
  5. Decel


    does "black" anything has a set definition?

    It can go down 3% Monday and it wouldn't exactly be black... Volatility's up the wazoo lately.

    Next week will definitely be interesting though. I'm long on ultrashort etfs.
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    There are 2 Black Monday threads going on right now.

  7. Manifestations of more doom and gloom. What do you think these people will call it a Happy Monday? Or Green Monday? It has to be dark and depressing and full of inner angst and self-loathing’s.
  8. Black *day threads are stupid and a waste of space.
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  10. This is it Black Monday.
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