Black Monday

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  1. Just thought I would beat any other fool to the gossip thread for the weekend...:D
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    Watch Korea on sunday evening, it has taken the lead from Japan. It is already off 6.5% last week though may limit losses though.
  3. I'm really hoping the Dow drops 200 or more today. Same for the Nasdaq, hoping for 50 points.

    Those are some big round numbers. That will cause more panic selling by late money.

    The weekend investors will freak & sell first thing Monday morning.
  4. Sure glad I'm a daytrader.
  5. Nice Call.
  6. I have us at support but the volume on this down half cycle is incredible.

    If things sequence as usual, I would anticipate the beginning of the week as lateral and then at the end of the week a nice push back up to start a new half cycle to break the highs of the year.

    If we go lateral the next few days, get ready for a good buying opportunity.

    Of course I really do not know what I am talking about so we will see.
  7. Yes!! What a black friday!

    Dow -213
    Nasdaq -54

    Wait until the weekenders see those numbers

    Wait until Japan drops 3% next session.
  8. well.... there was that Monday after op ex week Friday in.... Oct 87....
  9. ya should take all the guests on neil cavuto's 4 so-called bus shows and drop them off to iraq. all of these motherfuckers were deathwrong last wkend with their predictions.
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    Chart attached.
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