Black Monday ??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hank rollins, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. here i go, out on the limb again.

    the market action recently is giving me major deja vu of action prior to substantial market declines. it is possible, just how probable, i am not saying--that monday could be a SHOCKER.

    stay tuned.....
  2. And I predict that a purple Tuesday will follow.
  3. Green Wednesday!
  4. Why, hank? See a "trend," do you?
  5. remember the last time you called black monday? exact bottom. will it happen again?
  6. A BLACK MONDAY is almost too obvious at this point.

    A "bounce" off of the SPX 1150 level is in order first, and then I think that we might get a re-test of this level when INTC's earnings come out on Tuesday with the possibility that they might have to guide Q2 lower in margins, revs, etc.
  7. i would love to see a lod close and a gap down monday so it probably will not happen.
  8. maxpi


    NASDAQ composite broke the 200 week EMA this week, the 200 week SMA is at 1760 or so. It could run down below 1760 and retest the lows of last year in the process.
  9. gnom


    What is the Black Monday?????
  10. 1987 crash
    #10     Apr 15, 2005