Black Monday

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  1. Futures are in shambles, trading down over 1 percent and falling! ES looks sick, pathetic and dying.

    Only Federal Reserve Chairmen Ben 'Helicopter' Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Timothy 'TurboxTax' Geithner can save the market if they utilize their emergency authority granted to them under Executive Order 12631. Authority needed to summon a meeting of the President's Working Group on Financial Markets, colloquially known as the Plunge Protect Team. The selling may be intense, and the bears are a formidable force in normal free markets. Nonetheless, the PPT with it's unlimited resources can remain solvent longer than the market can remain rational, thus saving the day from an imminent plunge before the market opens. However, the call must first be made to convene the Plunge Protect Team. Bernanke and Geithner, are you listening? Make the call. Make the call, before it's too late!

    I'm bored.
  2. You have yet to see Implosion. Wait till the 'topic' of removing the US dollar as "Key Currency" for trade and replace it with 'XYZ" currency that Russia, China and the IMF want.

    The dollar is all but finished now. The 'move' away from the US dollar, Soon to the the "PAESO" of America has begun. Tie this in with the idea of the AMERO and you will see why Bush was discussing such a currency.

    The currency game is over for the US. Question is, when do the Asian's drop the hammer? It will hurt them to do so in the short run...but the long run they will dominate Global Trade and Currency.

    The writting is on the wall. Plenty of money to be made with this transition happens...meanwhile, the dollar is gona get slaughter this week.
  3. We'll revisit this at the end of the week to determine it's accuracy.
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    Down over 1%? How is that Black Monday?
  5. Uhh, overnight limit down is 5%. Since we were down over 1.25% at one point, a trading halt in YM and ES was possible since we were over one-forth of the way to researching that hideous benchmark. Trading halts on a late Sunday afternoon may very well be associated with a potential Black Monday when the market opens...
  6. If the statement turns out to be true, then this thread must be returned to the Trading forum. Because vital trading information can be obtained, if, and only if, my statement and the other guy's is proven true.
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    Dude, what on earth are you talking about. We're nowhere near the 5 % mark. I think we'll be down in the morning, but black Monday ? What is your basis for this proclamation ?
  8. It's a long, boring, Sunday night.
  9. Maybe the call was made and a limited intervention into futures markets was authorized as we seem to be moving higher, as opposed to moving lower. :confused:

    The probability of a Black Monday, although low when this thread was created, has decreased even further. However, in a little under 17 hours, the unequivocal answer will be before us.
  10. In a twist of events, things are beginning to look ugly for Monday.
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