Black Monday...

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  1. heheh...

    had to do it. haven't seen it yet. Even the bears are getting complacent.

    (edit: looks like the others .. increasenow.. jackstone ... have this covered.)
  2. No, I need green man to sell. I don't want to get bagged. Emergency cut Sunday night.:)

    It all depends on the dumb money. If more stayed short at market close, we will gap up.:)
  3. Hysteria seems to be back in vogue. There will be no rate cut on the back of a 2% drop you really cant be serious???

  4. Black Monday? How many time you have tried to spook people with your inane posts? Do you think it works on people like me?
  5. No because i dont think you trade regardless of what your handle says.

    Actually i have noticed that handles proclaiming a strong trading bent almost always indicates the opposite in a similar way to pick who cant play poker very well in an online poker room.

    Guys that have poker handles like All Aces, Poker God. ICanPlayPoker etc are usually the worst players. But I could be wrong here but it is just what I have found over time
  6. Folks. The best way you can make money is by following the trend. The trend is down, it remains down. If you want wise investment advice, then keep your cash in your money market and wait...that is hoping that the money market account wont tank too...

    Better advice is to jump into the ultra-short funds. Price has come down from 2007, but its not going to stop there. There is plenty of downside left and lots of these fools out there on margin.

    Come on and get a piece of that ultrashort fund. The water is warm out here and not to deep. Just jump right in. Come on!
  7. how the fuck can you say the trend is down? we've still not taken out the lows from jan 22nd . were 80s@p pts above that low of 3 months ago. every bear who stayed short more than a few days or so since those jan lows has been tormented by constant fed intervention and markets skying in there face. shortings a fools game for more than a few few days. wait for panics and buy with both hands and never lose .
  8. I'm not saying a cut but another fluff job to the upside to sell into.

    I want lower low's too but just not Monday.

    Going into option expiry Friday, anything can happen.
  9. ak15


    Plenty of Banks reporting earnings next week
  10. GE earnings and guidence was a reality check.
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