black monday / panic monday

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  1. oh oh .... not seeing any threads

    on this

  2. WinSum


    Does this mean that Monday will be another down day ?

  3. I really do not care ... as long as there is volaility one way or the other and I manage my risk across the spectrum of instruments
    I trade then I will do ok ...

  4. or maybe this headline will slow down mr FAT finger sunday night

    -White House Is Confident Bernanke Will Be Confirmed -

    ( from ny times and other sources via the net )

  5. noddyboy


    well this is one so it can't happen then, right?
  6. [​IMG]

    We haven't gone past the last relative low yet to say this is a downtrend. lol, do you like my "Paint" skills?
  7. d00d u gotz teh mad paint skillz! lol

    All I know is Monday is going to be a scary day. I'm flat. Watch for major volatility, possibly a big weekend gap, with an ever-so-slight-chance of a minor movement day and big nosedive on Tuesday.

    Gentlemen, we have seen the highs, and they are behind us.
  8. spindr0


    Black Monday ???

    Are we expecting an eclipse?
  9. spindr0


    I sure hope so. Volatility is good. Range trading be bad!

    Loooooook ooooout beeeeeeeee-lowwwwwww (I hope)
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