Black Monday: Nuclear Meltdown in Japan

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  1. My prayers are with the Japanese people.
  2. Your prayers are NFG. Send money.
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  4. Strath


    Looks like a scene from the movie "2012".
  5. Take action today! Protect yourself ASAP! In the morning no matter where you are in the western US/Canada/Alaska down to western seaboard then Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and states following the jet stream, you WILL have particulate matter here within 36 hours.

    Take your POTASSIUM IODATE and go into defensive mode for next few weeks.

    Make sure you have this ready to go........... POTASSIUM IODATE
  6. We are so lucky in the U.K. not to have to worry about events like this.
  7. The Japanese PM just said on TV that the explosion did not damage the reactor and there was no leak. Details are hard for me to explain in English but it looks as though we can rest easy for now.
  8. muller


    It's so ironic that the markets still rose yesterday. Especially the China Index.
    I was long in BIDU and only learned of the quake later the day.

    Friends of mine were in Tokyo yesterday. It was supposed to be their last day before they were heading back for America.
    They told me they were safe but pretty scared. I hope they're outta there now.

    Oh, on TV they just said there is no meltdown.
  9. Not really rigged markets courtesy of the FED.
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